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We receive hundreds of letters each year from happy couples upon returning from their Honeymoon - these are excerpts from just a few (to be fair we continually change this page when new letters arrive).

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Your honeymoon planning services were awesome.   We didn't have to worry about a thing.  We told our planner what we wanted and she came up with a wonderful package.
- Kristina

After all the energy and time spent planning our wedding, it was so nice to know that Honeymoons By Sunset had our honeymoon all planned - all we had to do was get on the plane the day after our wedding.  It was perfect!
- Carrie R.

I'm so glad Honeymoons By Sunset handled every detail - we were able to relax and have a really terrific Honeymoon without any worries - thanks so much!
- Roderick N.

Honeymoons By Sunset helped me have my dream Honeymoon and made it affordable - I doubt I could have done that all by myself.  Thanks to the terrific staff at Honeymoons By Sunset!
- Debbie Y.

The consultant I worked with at Honeymoons By Sunset was so knowledgeable and easy to work with - and she really did a fantastic job - we loved our Honeymoon!
- Kathy C.

My fiance and I had such a limited budget that I didn't think we could even take a Honeymoon, let alone one that was so beautiful! I'm so grateful that I found Honeymoons By Sunset - you really made my dreams come true, and I'll cherish those memories forever!
- Joanna S.

Wow - what a great job you guys did - we were blown away when we arrived at [our destination] and saw how incredible it was! I still can't believe you found us such at great deal and we didn't have to "settle" for something second-rate. Thank you so much!
- Bernadette N.


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