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The Honeymoon Registry

A fast-growing trend for the modern Bride and Groom:
The Honeymoon Registry!

In the past, brides generally lived at home until marrying, and so the custom of wedding gift-giving helped them obtain most of what they needed for their new households.  Somewhere around the year 450 A.D. the Wedding Gift Registry was created to help couples get what they really wanted.

Today, many brides and grooms already have established households, sometimes together, sometimes apart that they are merging, and so few really need more blenders, toasters, and wine glasses. The newest trend is for friends and loved ones to give the newlyweds something that will last far longer than a typical household item - memories of a beautiful Honeymoon! 

And thus, the Honeymoon Registry was born.

Honeymoon Registry cash gift photo Like a store registry, a Honeymoon Registry allows your guests to give you what you really want - the Honeymoon of your dreams.......memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime.........a trip now within your budget because your family and friends are helping you get there.

When you book your Honeymoon with us, and set up a Honeymoon Registry, there are absolutely no fees of any kind.   Yes, you read that right.  With OUR Honeymoon Registry there are NO setup fees, NO processing fees, and NO service fees charged to you or to anyone who contributes to your Honeymoon Registry.

Beware of other online websites that claim to have a "free" Honeymoon Registy - they are misleading! They may not charge you to "set up" a Honeymoon Registry, but check their fine print - they do charge you a [back-end] processing or "service" fee of anywhere from 3% to 10%, that either you or your contributors (or sometimes both!) wind up paying.  We don't!   Our Honeymoon Registry is 100% free to you and your contributors as long as you book your Honeymoon through us - ours is the ONLY totally 100% free Honeymoon Registry available!

Honeymoon Registry Card photoIn addition, we'll provide you with as many elegant, tasteful Honeymoon Registry Cards to slip inside your Wedding Invitations (or your Save The Date cards) as you need - at no charge - to let your guests know about your Honeymoon Registry and how they can contribute.

We'll also send every contributor to your Honeymoon Registry a Thank You letter with their receipt and a Gift Card that they can then give to you - again at no charge.


Be sure to check our Honeymoon Registry FAQ page for more information.