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Second Marriages

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Statisics reflect that almost 50% of marriages performed these days are second marriages for at least one of the new spouses.  

Typically, although no less important, the ceremony for second marriages is slightly differently than for first marriages.

Couples who are undertaking second marriages often have an attitude of "been there, done that" and so frequently they elect to have a more simple wedding and/or weddingmoon, so that they can spend more time enjoying themselves instead of the stress of planning a large event.  For some second marriages, couples may choose to skip the big church ceremony altogether.  Still others elect to "take their show on the road", so to speak (and thereby avoid some of the myriad of family issues that can be more prevalent with second marriages).

To this end, Destination Weddings are frequently a preference for second-timers, since almost all destination wedding locations have on-site wedding coordinators to handle all the details, and often the cost of the wedding ceremony, including the coordinator's time, is included in the honeymoon vacation package.

Our Honeymoon Consultants are experienced in handling the special needs of second marriages, including the additional planning involved in taking along your children or other family members and friends to help celebrate this joyous occasion (see our pages on " FamilyMoons" and "Destination Weddings"), and can help you choose the perfect destination wedding or honeymoon location based on your particular likes and wishes.


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