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Friends and Family Flying in for your Wedding?


People are spread out all over these days, and it's very likely that some of your wedding guests will be coming from pretty far away.   Your wedding is an important event, and they certainly won't want to miss it.

Why not do your out-of-town guests a big favor, and let our Personal Honeymoon Consultants help them with their travel arrangements - we can coordinate all the various flights and times, book their hotel accomodations, and arrange their transportation to and from the airport.  And we can negotiate group rates for everything to help them save money at the same time!

Even if you're having your wedding somewhere else (and "Destination Weddings" are a hot trend these days), we can still take care of the travel arrangements for anyone you're taking with you or that you've invited.   You won't need to bother with a single detail - we'll make sure that everyone gets to where they need to be.  And don't worry, we'll make sure you have plenty of privacy too!

Another benefit to your guests: if you're planning early enough, we can allow them to set up convenient monthly payments for their travel arrangements to your wedding - which can help them afford to attend!

There's no additional charge at all for our service - not to you nor to your guests - so why not give us a call today find out how we can help your wedding guests - and help make your special day even better!


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