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Air Travel Tips

Pack for the plane as well as the honeymoon

Airline travel can be stressful these days, so here's a few air travel tips to help minimize discomfort and ensure that your honeymoon vacation gets off to a good start;

  • Wear something you'll be comfortable in - a velour warm-up with a pretty t-shirt or tank top is perfect for both looks and comfort.  You'll definitely want a light jacket or sweater, as planes often get cold when in the air;
  • Most people find that their feet swell during flight, so wear comfortable walking shoes that can be slipped off and on easily - save those pretty high-heels for dinner out at your honeymoon destination;
  • Since you'll be limited in what you can carry on with you (1 bag plus one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag), take a tote bag instead of your purse (you won't want to carry your purse around at your honeymoon destination anyway - a fanny-pack is a better alternative) and then in your tote bag you'll have plenty of room for your wallet, a book or magazines, a bottle of water, etc.   Also, this way you'll have a tote bag for the beach, too.
  • Do be sure to bring some bottled water - the air inside of a plane is very dry and you'll get easily dehydrated.  It also helps to take along a few sugar-free hard candies or some non-medicated throat lozenges (like Riccola);
  • For longer flights, your skin will dehydrate as well, so another item I never leave at home is a wonderful product from Burt's Bees™, their "Carrot Seed Oil Complexion Mist", - don't be fooled by the name, it's not at all 'oily' but is a very light, refreshing, and pleasant-smelling rehydrating mist - I love it and recommend it all the time to others;
  • Also for longer flights, you may want to throw into your tote an inflatable neck pillow and eye shade, to help you catch some shut-eye and arrive feeling rested.  A nice set can be found at, or try a local mall;
  • Don't forget to take along a set of earphones (for each of you) like the type you use with a CD player.  Almost all flights offer in-flight music to listen to, and longer flights generally always have a movie to watch - you'll need the earphones unless you want to "rent" some onboard the plane. Also, some planes have separate left/right channel jacks (Delta in particular), so it's good to have an adapter on hand like this one from Radio Shack - cheap and tiny, so I keep a couple in my bag;

Remember that the goal of these air travel tips is to help you to arrive at your honeymoon destination relaxed and ready to enjoy what will surely be one of the most special times in your life!

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