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Honeymoon Budget Advice

honeymoon budget

When I'm on the road I love to chat with honeymooners, mostly because I'm curious about their honeymoon planning experience.  Sometimes they tell me how surprised they were about how much their trip cost - primarily because they forgot to take into account all the things besides the airfare and hotel expense - like food, souvenirs, sightseeing, activities etc.  It's crucial to prepare a realistic Honeymoon Budget, so that you'll be better prepared, which will leave you able to relax and enjoy yourselves without financial worries.

In addition to airfare and hotel be sure to include in your Honeymoon Budget:
  • Meals & snacks - and don't forget that at some resorts and tourist destinations food can be much more expensive than at home;
  • Beverages - alcoholic & non-alcoholic, and plenty of bottled water;
  • Pampering/Spa Treatments - it's your Honeymoon, treat yourself to a relaxing beachside massage!
  • Beach Chairs/Umbrella - at some (not all) beach destinations you have to "rent" these by the day or half-day (this applies only on the beach, not by the pool, which is generally simply first-come-first-served);
  • Tips - baggage porters, bartenders, waiters, beach stewards, tour bus drivers, etc. - count on at least 15% to 20% of your total for meals & drinks, then add at least another 10% to cover non-food or beverage related tipping situations;
  • Car Rental or other local transportation (taxis, buses) if you plan to leave your resort much - your travel agent should tell you what transportation - if any - is provided by your destination;
  • Sightseeing - many museums, tours, and tourist attractions often charge an entrance fee;
  • Sporting activities - you'll almost always have to pay for motorized water sports such as waterskiing, parasailing, and jet skiing, as well as for scuba dive trips, and unless you bring your own gear, you may have to pay to rent equipment such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, kayaks, or snorkeling or dive gear (unless you're staying at a good all-inclusive destination, in which case often these items are included in your rate);
  • Shopping - you'll likely want to pick up a few gifts & souvenirs - for yourself and family & friends - maybe some charming memento of your honeymoon;
  • Extra film or batteries for your camera - although you'll save money by purchasing these items at home and bringing them with you, be prepared in case you run out;

Add up all these daily expenses, and then give yourself an extra 10% per day for anything "unexpected" that might come up - better to go home with extra than need it and pay higher ATM fees to get more while at your destination!

Lastly, be sure to consider an "All-Inclusive" resort or a cruise for your Honeymoon - that way almost all of the costs are already included (with some exceptions, including Spa treatments and souvenir shopping - your travel agent should put in writing exactly what is and is not included). This will make the process of preparing your honeymoon budget easier, will make for fewer surprises later, and ultimately will help you save money on your Honeymoon.   Be sure to check out our page of "Best All Inclusives" for suggestions!


For a worksheet to assist you in preparing your Honeymoon Budget: