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The Family Honeymoon

A Honeymoon For The Whole Family

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Many couples marrying for the second time bring children into the marriage.   Remarriage can be unsettling for kids, especially young children who are dependent on their parent. They may feel that they are being abandoned or fear that they will become less important in your life. If your kids feel threatened by your marriage, you may rightly be concerned about leaving them immediately after the wedding to go on a honeymoon. This presents a clear conflict, as you and your new spouse may be eager - and certainly deserve - to share some private time together. One solution may be to consider a "family honeymoon".

Some couples decide to take their kids on the honeymoon with them, making the trip a family vacation (this is now commonly referred to as a "family honeymoon"). This is great - as long as both you and your mate are enthusiastic and in complete agreement about this - as it can be a terrific way for new families to "bond".

Many destinations (particularly most all-inclusives) cater to the family honeymoon with kid's programs, for children ranging from infants to mid-teens, that offer a wide variety of fun activities to keep them busy and entertained.  This gives you plenty of time alone with your new spouse, but you can still re-connect with your kids for mealtimes or family activities as you choose.  Most of the resorts that have kids' programs also offer baby-sitting services for evenings, and/or kids-only evening activities, should you wish to have a quiet dinner alone or go dancing.

Other couples find ways to divide their honeymoon vacation, with the first part set aside as a time for the two of you alone and the second part a trip as a new family - a mini-family-honeymoon, so to speak. This gives your children something to look forward to during the few days you are away from them.  Or you could plan a special kids' party after you get home from the honeymoon.

If you do decide to take a honeymoon trip away from the kids, think of ways to remember them while you are gone. Call often and send plenty of postcards or emails. You can even make videotapes or audiotapes to mail overnight to the kids, describing your honeymoon vacation spot and sending your love, and be sure to pick out some unique souvenirs to take home to them - something that lets them know you were thinking about them while you were gone.

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