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Frequently Asked Questions


This page covers the most common questions regarding Honeymoon Travel and Honeymoon Planning.

For information about our Honeymoon Registry service, please see our Honeymoon Registry Information page or our Honeymoon Registry FAQs page.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do all-inclusives really save us money?
A: Absolutely they can!  When your traveling it's easy to not think about (or keep track of) what you spend on meals, drinks, activities, gratuities, and other incidentals.   With an all-inclusive, you never have to worry about any of those!   By the time you add those extras into the cost of your airfare and lodging, you can really save a bundle.  Be sure you ask though, as not all of the All-Inclusives are created equal, but the best of them really do include everything.  

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Q: Why should we use a travel agent - can't we get the same rates?
A: You certainly may be able to find a good deal, but a qualified travel agent - one who has a great deal of experience - knows exactly how to help you save money, and can make sure that every detail is handled. And because there are so many details involved in making sure your Honeymoon trip is perfect, you'll want to be certain that your travel agent is very experienced at planning Honeymoons, as we are.

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Q: Isn't using a travel agent expensive?
A: There are some travel agents that do charge fees, of course, because that's how they stay in business.  HOWEVER, at Honeymoons By Sunset we charge NO fees for planning your Honeymoon vacation, and NO fees for handling your Honeymoon Registry.

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Q: What if we book our Honeymoon with you, and then cancel or postpone our wedding?
A: At Honeymoons By Sunset, we guarantee that you'll receive a full refund of any amount you've already paid, subject to the requirements of the airline and destination involved.  We maintain excellent relationships with all our vendors, and will work to reschedule your Honeymoon (if it was postponed) or get the maximum refund available for you (if it was cancelled). If you've set up your Honeymoon Registry with us, we'll make sure your guests receive a full refund of any amounts they've contributed.  We realize it's never easy to cancel or postpone a wedding, so you can rest assured that we'll do our best to minimize the financial cost to you as well.

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Q: What if my fiance and I want to do very different things on our Honeymoon?
A: Many destinations offer a wide variety of activities and amenities, and are easily able to balance one person's need for activity with another's need for privacy and intimacy.  Our Personal Honeymoon Consultants are very experienced at knowing exactly which honeymoon destinations can meet both of your needs, and we offer a no-obligation price quote for up to 3 suggested destinations, at no charge, simply by filling out our "Find Your Ideal Honeymoon Location" questionnaire.

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Q: What if we go somewhere tropical and there is a hurricane?
A: That's a valid question, because we all know it occasionally happens.  During the typical hurricane season in the tropics, we will generally only recommend destinations that offer a "Hurricane Guarantee" (like Sandals does), so that you can have peace of mind.  Call us today and speak to a Personal Honeymoon Consultant to get more information!

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Q: We want a really nice Honeymoon but have a very small budget - where can we go to feel like royalty on a pauper's salary?
A: There are lots of options!  Many couples set up a Honeymoon Registry with us (if you're not familiar with what a Honeymoon Registry is, please see our Honeymoon Registry Information page), which helps them to have the Honeymoon of their dreams because their family and friends help by contributing toward the cost - in many cases the bridal couple winds up paying nothing!  Other couples, who prefer to not use a Honeymoon Registry, opt for staying a few days at a deluxe resort in their local area and save by not paying airfare.  Our Personal Honeymoon Consultants know how to work with any budget to make your Honeymoon the magical, romantic experience that it should be.

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Q: We want a destination wedding, but worry that our family can't afford to attend
A: At Honeymoons By Sunset, our Personal Honeymoon Consultants are able to help your family and friends save money by obtaining group rates on airfare and lodging, or can also help you to find a destination that is affordable to your family, and still romantic and special for you and your fiance.

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