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"Where will we go for our Honeymoon?"  There are hundreds of sources of information that you can turn to for research, and literally thousands of honeymoon destinations and resorts to choose from - if you have the time and patience to read all those brochures and websites.   We can help you narrow down your choices to those honeymoon destinations that are truly ideal for you

If you have already browsed through our "Best Of" locations linked to on the left, and still not found a few that sound right for you, then complete and submit this form, and one of our Personal Honeymoon Consultants will respond with suggestions for up to 3 different destinations, along with a no-obligation price quote for each. 

1. Date of Wedding (mm/dd/yy)
    If you haven't yet set your wedding date, please fill in approximate date & year:
     Jan-Mar    Apr-Jun    Jul-Sep    Oct-Dec     Year:
2. Do you want to get married at your Honeymoon destination?   Yes   No
3. Date departing for Honeymoon: (mm/dd/yy)
4. Date returning from Honeymoon:  (mm/dd/yy)
5.  Do you have a specific destination or property in mind?
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6.  The Honeymoon destinations you would consider are:
  (please check any that apply)
South Pacific Central America Europe Exotic/Adventure
Hawaii South America Cruise Winter/Skiing
Mexico Caribbean Continental US Only
Other - please describe briefly
7.  Would you prefer a destination that is:
   Very Secluded - a private spot to spend a lot of time alone with each other
   Secluded & Active- an intimate place with plenty of activities to choose from
   Populated - where there are lots of people and activities to choose from
   Unique - where you can experience new cultures and find your own activities
   Other   - please describe briefly
8. Activities that we want to be able to engage in while on our Honeymoon:
     (Please check all that are important, and don't forget your fiance's opinions too!)
Sightseeing Museums Fishing Sitting on the beach
Golf Gambling/Casinos Zoo Horseback riding
Tennis Parasailing Hiking Snow Skiing
Snorkeling Shows/theatre Shopping Gym/workout facility
Scuba Diving Water Skiing Spa Treatments
Other (please specify)
9.  Does your lifestyle require access to any of the following?   Check all that apply
Internet   Email   Cable TV   Telephones
     If a resort has these on premise but not in rooms, is that acceptable?  Yes   No
10. What are your 3 most important priorities for planning your Honeymoon?
11.  Please describe your vision of the perfect Honeymoon: (regardless of budget)
12.  Have you and your fiance traveled together before?      Yes       No
     If yes, where did you go?   What hotel?
13.  Do you need a quote for airfare included?      Yes       No
   (some couples elect to use frequent flyer miles or already-purchased tickets)
14.  Departure City & State:
15.  Returning to same city as departure?
     Same  Different    If different, please specify 
16.  Can you fly from/to an alternate city/airport?    Yes     No
If yes, please specify which cities or airports:   
(if unsure enter max driving distance)
17.  If an overnight (redeye) flight is available for the night before your intended departure, is that an option for you?    Yes     No
(this can help save on airfare and make flying from the West Coast to the Caribbean easier for some travelers)
18.  Do you already have a quote you'd like us to beat?      Yes       No
     Property: Price:$
19.  Do you have questions about any specific destination or property?
20. What is the total price range for your honeymoon?     
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