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This week's Honeymoon Advice question:

Dear Honey,
We want to invite family and friends to our Destination Wedding.  Are we obligated to pay for their rooms?
- Carmen, Sacramento, CA

Dear Carmen,
Not at all.  Just as you would not pay for their travel expenses if they were to come to your wedding (at home) from out of town, you don't need to pay their expenses for them to attend a Destination Wedding.  Guests understand this, so there shouldn't be any confusion when you invite them.

However, to be sure that there are no misunderstandings, when you send them a Save The Date card (which in this case is better so that your guests will have enough time to plan the trip), include a personal note letting them know that your wedding day would be made more special with their presence in lieu of a wedding gift, and tell them which Travel Agency you are using, (which hopefully will be Honeymoons By Sunset).  A good Travel Agent will be able to arrange for "group rates" which will help them save money.  Your note will clearly indicate to them that 1) they are important to you, 2) they are paying for their own trip, and 3) you care enough to want to help them save money!

Also, when you work with Honeymoons By Sunset, there are no additional fees to arrange your travel, and that applies to your wedding guests as well (most Travel Agencies now charge fees), and if your guests make their travel arrangements at least 6 months in advance, they can set up a convenient monthly payment plan.

Best regards,
- Honey


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